metaplaylist.com is a blog experiment with curating eclectic and sometimes eccentric music across continents, genres and timelines. These playlists often explore darker emotional subject matter using mood-changing prominently feature lesser known tracks. There are currently more than a dozen metaplaylists curated here with liner notes. They are sorted by their curation date on the menu or mood and themes.

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The right for all the material presented here belong to the artists. I have no affiliation with any of the artists or labels presented here. Through the magic of technology i can share these musical soundtracks with everyone easily. But it is very important for the artists who made these songs to get paid for their hard work. Subscription services like Spotify, tidal, rdio, Youtube and sound cloud are fantastic for discovery of new music. But in many cases the small fees from these services do not provide a steady, sustainable income for the artists. Please support them by buying a physical or digital copy of the songs from your artist directly through their web site, their record label, or bandcamp. If these options don’t work then you can opt for Amazon or iTunes, etc.